Payment Systems
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Payment package implementation

Implemented flows and logic within a message broker to route messages between existing mainframe applications and a new system (Sepa Credit Transfer and Direct Debits files).

  1. Define mapping rules based on business requirements, software provider’s specifications and legacy interfaces.
  2. Manage appropriate queues to handle flows related to accounts, customers & reports.
  3. Convert, split and group messages between XML, CSV and fixed-length formats.
  4. Monitor payments and archive files in database.
  5. Automate deployment tasks and VB scripts to ease daily activities.
  6. Document service designs and technical implementations.

SEPA Direct debit implementation

  1. Migration from national scheme to SEPA Direct Debit
  2. Technical and legal expertise, risk management, commercial communication.
  3. Testing process and go-live supervision

Payment Factory Implementation

  1. RFP preparation for the selection of a set of global banks covering each one currency worldwide.
  2. Implementation of the selected banks. Account openings, pooling structures XML ISO 20022 messaging alignment
  3. Service bureau selection and implementation
  4. Electronic channel migration
  5. Subsidiaries integration.