Biotos Consulting — Payment Systems 

Biotos is a payment systems consulting firm. For 20 years now, we have supported clients as diverse as financial institutions, startups, software publishers and corporate treasuries to help them master their payment and cash management systems. We have traveled with them over all these years what we identify as the two major axes of the payments and cash management landscape:
– the “horizontal/functional” axis: the sequence of IT applications in the payment chain
– the “vertical/technical” axis: the stacking of the environments necessary for each of these applications to operate.

On the horizontal axis are point of sales, calculation of salaries, customer invoicing, account payables, cash management, sorting of orders by the bank, clearing and settlement system, real time… In the other direction of course (from banks to customers) : issue of account statements, reception and integration of these statements.

On the vertical axis: configuration of servers, implementation of communication and network protocols (API, FTP, SWIFT, etc.), installation of applications, databases, transformation of exchange formats (very important!), digital signature, call to third-services (risk management, AML, etc.), configurations, ad-hoc scripts to complete the functional request.

What about the third dimension? The third dimension is the women and men who make it all work. Biotos intervenes especially when it is needed to leave the vertical or horizontal silos (or even small cells) and make people or machines speak together. Those first 20 years were just the beginning! We look forward to joining you to help you fine-tune your applications down to the smallest detail in the payment chain, and above all make them work together seamlessly.