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Market place messaging

Interfacing a market place built on several embedded packages with the end accounting booking. Manage the exception handling like cancelled orders by buyers, vendor’s margin calculation and settlement,… The multiplicity of applications needs a fine testing of all possible combinations and also a strict synchronisation of the processes.

Challenging card payment on a vendor website

  • Define risks and opportunities of using alternative payments like direct debits
  • Investigate the existing and possible software architectures in order to define the lower cost / best efficiency solution
  • Design a RFP for selecting the right partners : scoring approach, decision support tool.

Payment Factory design

Subsidiaries of big corporations or mid-size groups might hold an independent bank relation, including one or several electronic banking tools. License fees and manual workload are lost daily in local processing of payments. This situation is replaced by a centralized solution allowing to monitor the payment flows and to collect centrally all bank account statements. This leads to gain a centralized view on cash position in each currency at holding level and allows optimization of cash allocation.

Each single company has its own definitions in terms of authorization, banking relationship, level of centralization and technical infrastructure. The main steps of the centralized payment factory set up are the following:

  1. Define the target organization and IT infrastructure,
  2. Select the software partners and set up the connectivity network
  3. Integrate each entity in the centralized solution.