Samples of applications.

JAVA connector  – SEPA instructions AML screening
Design and implementation of a java application interfacing a banking mainframe with anti-laundry screening. 

SEPA – mapping legacy formats to XML ISO 20022

Understand legacy systems and gather requirements. Design the Java beans to fully integrate into the infrastructure. Translate domestic formats into ISO 20022. Analyse, develop, test and deliver straightforward usable external packages.

Foreign Exchange Payments – Application design and development

Analysed, developed, tested and delivered an interface to the Foreign Payments Engine application. Data and Process modelling, graphical user interface (GUI) design, events driven coding, management of user profiles, requests to mainframes based on proprietary middleware and interaction with Word and Outlook applications.
Main figures of the application : 65 windows, 60 exchange formats, 33 classes, 21 scenarios, and 100.000 lines of code.